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  • Mellaina, Styrax Officinalis in Monti Lucretili Park 11/07/2013

    We are inside the Monti Lucretili Regional Nature Park, established in 1989. The Park covers an area of about 19,000 hectares and stretches over two provinces: the province of Rome and the province of Rieti.

  • The Ancient Village of Vallignano 10/07/2013

    At our holiday farm we produce meat and vegetables, everything that’s served in our restaurant is produced by us, from our own gardens. In our area, moreover, there is a pretty good production of truffles, which we serve at our tables. We also offer the famous pecorino cheese of Vallecupola, well known and appreciated in the Rieti area, which we purchase from the local shepherds.

  • Colli della Sabina DOC wine 10/07/2013

    This is the sales area for the Colli Sabini winery located at Magliano Sabina, in the province of Rieti. This winery is a cooperative founded in 1969, where the members bring their grapes. It has always managed to give a reasonable return on the grapes that are brought and this has made it possible to continue producing Sabina wine in the traditional way

  • The Palio of Donkey Mayors at Amatrice 10/07/2013

    Every year Amatrice hosts a hilarious event: the donkey mayors’ horse race The festival originated 11 years ago to revive an old tradition typical of these mountainous areas around Rieti. For a day, each neighbouring town is repressented by its own donkey which, as absolute protagonist of the race, prominently wear a tie with the name of its town’s mayor.

  • A Sabina olive mill 09/07/2013

    Sabina is a beautiful area, always green because it’s almost completely covered in olive trees that change color with the seasons. First the trees turn green, then silvery, and the hills are always a beautiful color. To receive certification an olive grove must be made up of the typical Sabina varieties. These are Raja, Carboncella, Frantoio and Leccino. These varieties produce the typical Sabina oil

  • Sabina PDO Extra Virgin olive oil 09/07/2013

    European recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin of Sabina olive oil took place in 1996 The production area consists of 46 townships in the provinces of Rome and Rieti starting at the city of Rome and moving to the north, thus comprising a large area covered with olive groves to a considerable extent.

  • Il Prosciutto Amatriciano PGI 09/07/2013

    Prosciutto Amatriciano PGI (Protected Geographcal Indication) is a superior Italian delicatessen product made in 22 towns in the province of Rieti, located in the Amatriciano area. Since the medieval period, prosciutto has had high commercial value in the area

  • Mount Terminillo 09/07/2013

    Terminillo has been renamed “the mountain of Rome”. With its 40 km of downhill ski runs of all difficulty levels and 20 km for Nordic skiing, it’s a favorite destination for winter sports enthusiasts. The story of Terminillo as a ski resort begins in the 20th century: the first cable car, still in operation today, was built in 1934, and the first hotels opened soon thereafter

  • The Sanctuary of Saint Francis at Greccio 09/07/2013

    To the visitor, the Franciscan sanctuary at Greccio appears to be set into the rock, like an eagle’s nest immersed in a lush forest of oaks. It is known throughout the world as the place where, on Christmas night in 1223, Saint Francis created a living nativity scene. The heart of the sanctuary is the small chapel of Saint Luke, built in the cave where the nativity scene was presented