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  • Stracciose with tomato sauce in Nerola 11/07/2013

    We are in Nerola, a village of the high Roman Sabina and we’d like to show you a simple dish from the peasant When they came in from the fields, the women would make a ‘well’ of flour on the pastry board, called the ‘spianatora’ in Nerola. They would knead together just water and flour.

  • Il Bagolaro 09/07/2013

    At Nerola in the heart of Sabina is the holiday farm Il Bagolaro, which takes its name from a gigantic hundred-year-old tree. Established in the early 50s, the business is run by a family of young agricultural entrepreneurs who have dedicated themselves to making the land and characteristics of the Sabina area the basis of their work. The farmhouse offers ten cozy and comfortable suites; distinguished from each other only by colors associated with products of the earth.