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  • Mellaina, Styrax Officinalis in Monti Lucretili Park 11/07/2013

    We are inside the Monti Lucretili Regional Nature Park, established in 1989. The Park covers an area of about 19,000 hectares and stretches over two provinces: the province of Rome and the province of Rieti.

  • Orazio's hayloft 10/07/2013

    This farm is called Orazio’s hayloft and we are in the township of Monte San Giovanni in Sabina.There are many farm activities that we’ve now been pursuing here for a number of years. We do workshops with the kids, especially camping. We run excursions with donkeys and then of course there’s all the farming activity our business requires

  • Farfa Gorge 10/07/2013

    In the area of Mompeo Township, the Natural Monument of Farfa Gorge stretches over an area of 35 hectares. This small protected area inclues an extremely beautiful stretch of the Farfa river, one of the tributaries of the Tiber that crosses Sabina. The area is a paradise for trekkers and nature lovers and includes a mixed forest of holm oak, tukey oak and hormbeam.

  • Hang gliding and paragliding in Sabina 09/07/2013

    Sabina is a paradise for winter and summer sports, the ideal destination for long weekends of wellbeing and physical activity. A landscape of wide-open spaces, nature reserves and parks offers the opportunity to practice a limitless number of sports, from the most common to the most extreme: paragliding and hang gliding

  • The twin castles of Rocchette e Rocchettine 09/07/2013

    The view of the twin castles of Rochette and Rocchettine, perched above the gorge carved in the rock by the river Aia, can be considered one of the most picturesque in Sabina.

  • The medieval charm of the Village of Cottanello 09/07/2013

    Seen from afar the village of Cottanello reveals in full its medieval nature, surrounded as it is by walls and fortified towers. Everyone entering the village passes through the Gate of the Kingdom, so-called because it faces north, in the direction of the Kingdom of Naples. The ancient watchtower, to the left of the gate, has been transformed over the centuries into the apse of the church of San Luigi