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  • Stimigliano Sweets 11/07/2013

    Welcome to Simigliano, known as the “gateway to Sabina”, because from Rome you go through it to the heart of the Sabine hills. Stimigliano is a town that has succeded in combining tradition and culture. Now we’ll show you a recipe for one of the Stimigliano desserts: the peach

  • Stracciose with tomato sauce in Nerola 11/07/2013

    We are in Nerola, a village of the high Roman Sabina and we’d like to show you a simple dish from the peasant When they came in from the fields, the women would make a ‘well’ of flour on the pastry board, called the ‘spianatora’ in Nerola. They would knead together just water and flour.

  • Guidonia Montecelio and the pinciarelle 11/07/2013

    We are here in the square of the scenic overlook of one of the two hills making up Montecelio, on Monte Albano to be exact. The other is Monte Celio itself, with its medieval village.

  • Roast Pork at Poggio Bustone 11/07/2013

    Today we are in Poggio Bustone, a village famous for the productio of roast pork. I work here and I’m going to show you how we prepare the roast pork. The procedure for making roast pork involves the careful choice of the pig, which has to be well-formed and large and have the right percentage of fat

  • Fettuccine alla Trebulana 11/07/2013

    Today we will show you the recipe for “fettucine alla trebulana”. We have a festival dedicated to this dish that takes place the first weekend of August

  • Fezze Macaroni 10/07/2013

    Today we present fezze macaroni the traditional pasta of Salisano, along with fettuccine

  • The Pizza Varata of Sant’Angelo Romano 10/07/2013

    This is Sant’Angelo Romano, a small village only 30 km from the centre of Rome. Sant’Angelo sits on one of the three hills of the Cornicolani group, Mount Padulo, which is one of the first hills you come across travelling from the sea towards the Apennines. The village lies on a hill 400 metres above sea level

  • Colli della Sabina DOC wine 10/07/2013

    This is the sales area for the Colli Sabini winery located at Magliano Sabina, in the province of Rieti. This winery is a cooperative founded in 1969, where the members bring their grapes. It has always managed to give a reasonable return on the grapes that are brought and this has made it possible to continue producing Sabina wine in the traditional way

  • The Fritter Festival at Roccantica 09/07/2013

    On March 19th in Sabina numerous festivals are held in honour of St. Joseph. The main foods dedicated to the saint are cream puffs, actually named after St. Joseph and fritters, hence the name St. Joseph the fritter-maker