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  • The Mostarda House of Copper 09/07/2013

    Maria and Pietro Mostarda. We started this business with very little money, working in wood at Poggio Bustone. My ancestors had a small factory where they worked with iron. Then after the war we reopened and resumed production. Then, after a few years, given the suceess of our products, we started to take part in all the trade fairs at a national level, in Sardinia, Messina, Milan, Turin.

  • The crafts of Arte 7 09/07/2013

    My name is Anna Baccari For over forty years I have chosen to be an artist. I started out as a portrait painter, an engraver, turning later to ceramics and sculpture. In our area the floors of the Hospitalia (guest house) of Hadrian’s Villa are very important as are the ceramic floors of the Villa d’Este along with the Zuccari frescoes, which are part of our culture and our artistic heritage. I try to bring these artistic elements into my workshop, creating tables, ceramics, sculpture

  • The ceramic art of Terracotte Sabine 09/07/2013

    I began working with clay when I was six years old with an excellent teacher, Alvaro Ciancamerla, in Rome. I got a degree in mathematics but at the same time, I spent the afternoons, Sundays and all my free time at In 1980 – I was born in 1961 – I bought my first kiln with the proceeds of a show that went very well and since then I’ve had my own workshop.