Typical specialities

  • Roast Pork at Poggio Bustone 11/07/2013

    Today we are in Poggio Bustone, a village famous for the productio of roast pork. I work here and I’m going to show you how we prepare the roast pork. The procedure for making roast pork involves the careful choice of the pig, which has to be well-formed and large and have the right percentage of fat

  • Colli della Sabina DOC wine 10/07/2013

    This is the sales area for the Colli Sabini winery located at Magliano Sabina, in the province of Rieti. This winery is a cooperative founded in 1969, where the members bring their grapes. It has always managed to give a reasonable return on the grapes that are brought and this has made it possible to continue producing Sabina wine in the traditional way

  • Il Prosciutto Amatriciano PGI 09/07/2013

    Prosciutto Amatriciano PGI (Protected Geographcal Indication) is a superior Italian delicatessen product made in 22 towns in the province of Rieti, located in the Amatriciano area. Since the medieval period, prosciutto has had high commercial value in the area

  • Sabina PDO Extra Virgin olive oil 09/07/2013

    European recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin of Sabina olive oil took place in 1996 The production area consists of 46 townships in the provinces of Rome and Rieti starting at the city of Rome and moving to the north, thus comprising a large area covered with olive groves to a considerable extent.