• The Festival of the Vertuti at Paganico Sabino 11/07/2013

    I’m Carlo Fratini, president of the Pro Loco of Paganico Sabino. Today, the first of May, we’ve gathered for the festival of “Calennemaju”. It’s a pagan festival that we are trying to revive in a lighthearted way with our guests. As the proverb says “Faccio a Calennemaju, se moro affonno, se no felice ritorno” or in other words “If the nuts float in the wine, it’ll be a great season”. Hurray! They’re all floating!

  • The Cerasa Festival at Palombara Sabina 10/07/2013

    From time immemorial, cherries have been cultivated in the area of Palombara Sabina, where they are known as “cerase”. The variety of cherry called “Ravenna tardiva”, yields sweet fruit with a consistent texture and a shiny surface. For over seventy years in the month of June the people of Palombara have held a festival dedicated to this fruit that goes on for about a week

  • The Palio of Donkey Mayors at Amatrice 10/07/2013

    Every year Amatrice hosts a hilarious event: the donkey mayors’ horse race The festival originated 11 years ago to revive an old tradition typical of these mountainous areas around Rieti. For a day, each neighbouring town is repressented by its own donkey which, as absolute protagonist of the race, prominently wear a tie with the name of its town’s mayor.

  • The Fritter Festival at Roccantica 09/07/2013

    On March 19th in Sabina numerous festivals are held in honour of St. Joseph. The main foods dedicated to the saint are cream puffs, actually named after St. Joseph and fritters, hence the name St. Joseph the fritter-maker

  • The free Carnival of Poggio Mirteto 09/07/2013

    In the village of Poggio Mirteto, during the months of February and March, a Carnival takes place, a street festival with parades, masked balls, games and lots of playful and boisterous activities. The special feature that makes this Carnival unique is that since its origin it has been held on the first Sunday of Lent, traditionally a period of fasting and abstinence.