• Luigi Gilardi and the snows of Monteflavio 09/07/2013

    My name is Luigi Gilardi and we’re in Monteflavio. What you see behind me is Mount Pellicchia and I can tell you that that is the mountain where the inhabitants of Monteflavio preserved the snow that they brought to Rome in the summer. On the mountain there are still the three wells that the Monteflavians filled with snow, gathered from the surrounding area.

  • Don Carmelo Cristiano and the village of the ‘corsairs’ 09/07/2013

    Montopoli is known as the town of the corsairs. This is why: because there were these mastiffs that were called cani corsi, a species of molossoids. When the Montopolese (people of Montopoli) went to war they took with them these attack dogs.