• La Staffa 11/07/2013

    Hello, I’m Massimo. We’re here in the Sabina area in the municipality of Scandriglia. We are in the foothills of Monti Lucretili Park, which covers 1800 hectares. Eagles nest here, and the park is home to wolves, foxes and wild boar. Our business has a double mission: we are a farm; we in fact produce olive oil, chickens, eggs, vegetables but we also cultivate our great love for horses and we try to convey it to our guests

  • Lucretius 10/07/2013

    We’re right in the heart of the Monti Lucretilli Regional Park, on the slopes of Monte Gennaro at a business that produces organic olive oil and sells it on the premises

  • Colle dell’Arci 10/07/2013

    Welcome to Colle dell’Arci, one of the historic enterprises of the town of Fara in Sabina. The company was founded in 1925 thanks to the zeal of our grandfather Giovanni, one of the 18 Silvestri brothers who lived and worked here in the area.

  • The Ancient Village of Vallignano 10/07/2013

    At our holiday farm we produce meat and vegetables, everything that’s served in our restaurant is produced by us, from our own gardens. In our area, moreover, there is a pretty good production of truffles, which we serve at our tables. We also offer the famous pecorino cheese of Vallecupola, well known and appreciated in the Rieti area, which we purchase from the local shepherds.

  • Orazio's hayloft 10/07/2013

    This farm is called Orazio’s hayloft and we are in the township of Monte San Giovanni in Sabina.There are many farm activities that we’ve now been pursuing here for a number of years. We do workshops with the kids, especially camping. We run excursions with donkeys and then of course there’s all the farming activity our business requires

  • Il Bagolaro 09/07/2013

    At Nerola in the heart of Sabina is the holiday farm Il Bagolaro, which takes its name from a gigantic hundred-year-old tree. Established in the early 50s, the business is run by a family of young agricultural entrepreneurs who have dedicated themselves to making the land and characteristics of the Sabina area the basis of their work. The farmhouse offers ten cozy and comfortable suites; distinguished from each other only by colors associated with products of the earth.

  • Terra Sabina 09/07/2013

    Our holiday farm is called Terra Sabina and we’re at Poggio Mirteto in the Farfa Valley The town of Poggio Mirteto is a little less than eight kilometers away, but we are in the midst of the quiet countryside